Founded in Montreal on January 13th 1972 by Dr. Gérard de Montigny, professor at Surgery department of University of Montreal Dental School. The Federation of Dental Specialists of Quebec includes the following specialties in dentistry:

Helped by Dr. Jacques Fiset, specialist in prosthodontics, Dr. de Montigny presided the FDSQ, drew its charter and its rules and regulations. He left the presidency on november 29th 1977, to Dr. Victor Legault specialist in Pediatric Dentistry.

Today all six specialties are still part of the Federation.


The FDSQ is directed by an executive committee of three members and by an executive council formed by the presidents of the affiliated specialties.

Membership for all FDSQ specialties is entirely voluntary and no members of the executive committee or the executive council, is remunerated.

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