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Periodontists know th gum and its bones, inside and out

Periodontists have completed special training programs recognized by the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. These additional three years of training follow five years of study needed to obtain a doctorate in dentistry. Periodontists accordingly possess a detailed knowledge of scientific standards and expertise in a variety of oral and dental problems.

The periodontist’s focal areas are gingivitis and periodontitis, two inflammatory diseases affecting the gum and bones around the teeth. Most tooth loss in seniors is due to these ailments, which may affect up to 50% of the North American population. Increasingly conclusive proof underscores the relationship between these inflammatory diseases and our overall health, having an impact on such illnesses as diabetes, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

The periodontist may deploy different treatment strategies. The most common is an in-depth root cleaning (root planing) to eliminate bacteria known to cause gum disease. A surgical approach may however be combined with in-depth cleaning for the most severe cases to repair damage, if possible, to the affected bone. The periodontist employs cutting-edge techniques and materials in this effort.

Periodontists also treat, remodel and even reconstruct the gum. Using small gum grafts of different origin, they can cover exposed roots and re-contour the gums to produce a more natural and attractive smile. Periodontists employ a range of plastic and esthetic surgical techniques. Such methods are minimally invasive, involving a few incisions. There is little scarring, maximizing benefits and minimizing post-operative discomfort.

Periodontists, who work closely with dental hygienists, generalists and other dental specialists, play key roles in formulating treatments for maintaining a healthy mouth. Periodontists also often plan and execute treatments for replacing and restoring good dental function. The periodontist’s broad perspective on the patient’s general and oral health, gum and bone condition, as well as delicate and cosmetic surgical techniques make this specialist highly qualified to provide outstanding dental implant treatments.

Periodontists have the expertise and techniques for preserving a healthy dentition and contributing to a pleasant facial appearance.

Exposed root before and after root coverage surgery